"The Knock Shop” is a modern twist on traditional cabaret and burlesque shows, with dancing, singing, and strong comedic overtones. The Knock Shop is more than a show, it’s an experience. With sultry dancing, stunning vocals, no holds barred comedy, and an abundance of audience participation, the Cherry Poppins performers want to party with you, turn you on, and keep it classy all at the same time. Think burlesque with sass and brains. Guests are immersed into the Cherry Poppins world in a hush hush fashion by our host, the owner of “The Knock Shop”, who will showcase the many different women and services available at the establishment while he struggles to maintain control of his feisty girls. Life at the Knock Shop is a constant party, and will encourage audience members to laugh, drink, dance and enjoy the beauty of scantily clad women. At least one girl will get naked…ish”.



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